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    An inspirational book to fuel young creatives

  • Awrignawl Creativity

    65+ Inspiring Reflections on Chaos, Confusion and Creative Transformation

    About the book:

    From 3x TEDx speaker and creator of PROTO Innovation cards, Brian Tam, comes the antidote to the generic life. Through 150 pages of beautiful visualizations and thought-provoking meditations, Awrignawl Creativity is a companion for those working through the long, confusing, strange, and extremely difficult journey of creative transformation … and for those who have still yet to begin the journey, the book is a loving kick in the a** to start creating.

    Who is it for?

    • The secretly-creative non-creative;
    • Your awesome teammate who gets stuck during brainstorms;
    • Recent grads with super cool parents;
    • Corporate hippies looking for a reminder of their creative purpose;
    • 20-something hipsters needing a beautiful coffee table book;
    • First-time marketers;
    • My sister’s boyfriend (just in case he wasn’t sure);
    • Startup virgins plotting out their first social media campaign;
    • You, if you’ve been on the toilet for more than 18.3 minutes;
    • Your amazing niece for whom you have great hopes.





  • Why read Awrignawl Creativity?

    Creativity touches every great artwork, song, story, startup, campaign, innovation, and even conversation. It shifts perspectives, opens hearts and widens minds. It is what ties all great things together. Yet, creativity is also a mysterious and therefore often, intimidating force.


    Through illuminating visualizations & insightful reflections, Awrignawl Creativity aims to reveal the steps, tips, and mental hacks to get the aspiring creative back to expressing, crafting and making the next great awrignawl work. It is a mentor for emerging talent; a creative companion.

    Where did the idea for this book come from?

    By popular demand! Over the past 2.5 years, friends, fans, and followers have repeatedly asked Brian to compile his daily reflections into a book. Across 500+ posts on social media, he captured his insights on the creative process. Awrignawl Creativity is a selection of fan-favorites and essential encouragements for those beginning or working through the creative process.

  • Wait, how do you even say "awrignawl"?

    Just like it looks ;) but regular folks might write it as "original." Why is it written this way and what does it have to do with creativity? Well, this and much more is in the book.


    Where can I get my copy of Awrignawl Creativity?

    It will first be released on Amazon, June 2019; available in both Kindle and soft-cover print versions (estimated to be between 9 and 25 USD). Submit your email below to be notified as soon as the link goes live in a few weeks.


    What if I'm in China?

    Because the publishing system is different here, there are tight rules on the sales and distribution of written content. That said, we're considering a very limited personal production, so please leave your email below if you're curious.

    A few details:

    • 70+ reflections
    • 70+ illustrations
    • 150 pages
    • 10,000 words
    • 6" square format 
    • Every image designed from scratch in Apple's Keynote

    Tell me more about the author

    Brian Tam is the founder of Let’s Make Great!, a creativity consultancy that guides global clients to systematically discover and develop new products, services, and brands.

    A 3x TEDx speaker, he frequently speaks at creative conferences and has also authored over 500 articles on the topics of creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship. In 2017, he led the successful design & Kickstarter campaign of PROTO, a storytelling game to inspire innovators.

    Born in New York and proudly raised in New Jersey, Brian went to Shanghai in 2007 to drive the dynamic changes that were taking hold in China.

    Brian Tam, Let's Make Great!

    Brian is not known to bite, so feel free to reach out, but still, only do so carefully, offering bait such as coffee or potato chips: @letsmakegreat.

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